How to Add a Garnishment

1. Log into your Symply account.

2. Click on the Employee tab on the left navigation menu.

  • Select the Employee's that needs the add a garnishment

4. Scroll down until you see Custom Earning & Deductions

  • Select Add Garnishment
  • Select the Garnishment type.
  •  Frequency
Click on One time deduction or Recurring deduction
  • Deduction Method

Click on Fixed Amount or Percentage of pay

  • Add the amount or the percentage to deduct per paycheck 
  • Enter the Case #

5. Click on Vendor

  • (If you need a check generated to pay the garnishment you will need to add their information in Create a Vendor. If you don't need a check or you're going to write a manual check you do not have to fill this part out.)

6. Click on Create a Vendor

7. Add the information needed

  • The Payee Name is the Employee's name

8. Click on Save 

9. You're Done