How to Create and Manage Training Materials

Training Materials is a new feature that brings in the "Training & learning" experience into Symply's Onboarding & Payroll App.

Manage Training Materials

  1. Log In to Symply 
  2. Select on Documents
  3. Select on Training Material
  4. Select Start a Training
  5. You Can Upload a Video or a Document
  6. If you selected Video, enter the Training title and Video Link.
  7. Toggle this on to include the training in your Employee's onboarding.
    Then Select "Submit"
  8. The Training Material has been created.
    Select "Assign" to select employees for this training
  9. Select each employee to assign the training material to them.
  10. Then Select "Submit"
  11. Select "Add/Edit Questions" to add questions to a Training.
  12. Enter the question and choices.
    Select the correct choice by clicking the green check mark on the right.
  13. You can add a hint to each question.
  14. Select  to add a new question
  15. Select to preview the questions added.
  16. Select to go back.
  17. Select to delete a question
  18. Select  "Continue"
  19. When you are done adding and editing questions, click submit to save the questions.
  20. Select "Options" to see what else you can do for each Training Material.
  21. Select "Material Settings" to edit the settings for each training.
  22. You can toggle this setting on or off.
    When on, the training material will be automatically assigned to all new employees during their onboarding.
  23. Select "Attachments" to add more documents within each Training.
  24. Click to add an attachment.
  25. Choose a file from your computer and upload.
  26. Select to view the attachment in a new tab.
  27. Select to delete an attachment.
  28. You can also delete a training material by clicking the "Delete" button.
  29. Select "Continue"
  30. Now let's look at how to upload documents as a training material.
  31. Select "Upload Document"
  32. Enter the "Training Title"
  33. Select "Upload Link" if the document has a shareable link, such as a google drive document.
  34. Enter the document link and select  "Submit"
  35. However, if it's a document saved in your computer, select "Upload File"
  36. Choose the file, and upload.
  37. Then Select "Submit"

Employee Account

Now let's head to the Employee's Account
  1. The Employee selects "Training" from the menu.
  2. Can view all assigned trainings.
    Then goes ahead to select "Complete Training"
  3. The Employee can open the training document in another tab.
  4. Then goes ahead to answer the question by selecting a choice.
  5. They can also open the training attachments in another tab.
  6. Select "Submit & Sign"
  7. Then Save.
  8. The status changes to "Completed" after the employee signs and submits the training.
    The Employee can click to view the completed training
  9. Go back to Training Materials
  10. The Employee has completed the training.


Welcome Back Employee Account

Admin Account

Now let's head back to the Admin Account.

  1. The Admin gets a notification on the dashboard when an employee completes a training.
    You can click the notification to view the training material completed.
  2. Training Completed. 
  3. The End