How to void/correct an underpaid check.

Did you paid the wrong hours to an employee or did you selected the wrong earning code? This will help you get back on track to correct your year to dates for the correct earnings.

  1. Go to Setting on the Left
    1. Scroll down to Deductions
    2. Select Add a Custom Deduction
    3. Name it Paid Correction
    4. Save
  2. Go to Employees
    1. Select Employees
    2. Scroll down to the bottom
    3. Select Add Custom Deduction
      1. Deduction Type: Paid Correction
      2. Frequency: One-Time deduction
      3. Deduction Method: Fixed amount
      4. Amount* - Enter the Net Amount the employee already Received
      5. Vendor (do not enter or select anything)
      6. Save
    4. Scroll back up on the employee profile
    5. Select View (Payroll History)
      1. Select Check
      2. Select Void Paycheck (bottom left in Red)
      3. Paid the wrong employee should be selected and click Next
      4. Confirm Void
  3. Go to Payroll on the Left and run the Off-Cycle Payroll with the correct earning information.