Register for a California EDD Number

To run payroll with Symply we need your state tax account information. If you do not have an EDD account number yet, follow the steps below to set up your account and add your EDD number later.

  1. Click the Pending checkbox to the right of the EDD Account Number field.

  1. You will need to enter a SUI and ETT rate as a placeholder to continue. The SUI rate for existing companies can range from 1.5%–8.2% and the ETT rate is typically 0.1%. The form you receive in the mail with your EDD account number will also include your SUI and ETT rate. You will update these rates once you receive your EDD number.
  2. Click Save & Continue to continue setting up your account.
  3. After you receive your EDD number in the mail, log into Symply, and update your State Tax Information.


Don’t forget to add your EDD number and update your SUI and ETT rates when you receive them. You will not be able to process payroll without them.