Retirement Benefit

  1. Log into Symply
  2. On the Left click on Benefits
  3. Click on Retirements
  4. Click on Desired Retirement Plan
    1. Page 1 
      1. Enter Provider (Retirement Company) 
      2. Vendor (If you require Symply to provide a check or Direct ACH for payment you will need to create a Vendor)
      3. Display Name (Retirement Company) 
      4. Is this a new or existing plan? 
        1. If NEW enter effective date.
        2. If EXISTING no date needed. 
      5. Do you allow special 'catch-up' limit for 50 years & older? Yes or No
      6. Do you offer an employer match? 
        1. If YES enter your contribution match
      7. Continue
    2. Page 2
      1. Select All Employees that are Participating

      2. Continue 
    3. Page 3
      1. Enter Deduction Amount Type: (Amount or Percent)
      2. Enter how Much the employee will be Deducted Per Pay Period
      3. Save