Run an Off-Cycle Payroll

Off-cycle payrolls can be used to pay employees outside of your normal pay schedule or to correct a previous payroll.

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab in the left navigation menu
  2. Select Other Payroll Options
    1. Select Off-Cycle Payroll
  3. Adjust off-cycle payroll settings
    1. Click into Check Date to enter a custom check date. Direct deposit payments must factor payroll processing time into the check date. For example, if you are on 4-day processing the check date must be at least 4 days out from the current date.
    2. Select Additional Settings to add a date range for the payroll or to block deductions. Deductions are not blocked by default.
  4. Adjust hours, salaries, and earnings
    1. Enter employees’ regular hours and/or salaries
    2. Click Additional Earnings to add overtime, bonuses, holiday, commissions, and other earnings
    3. Click Save & Continue 
  5. Review and Submit
    1. Verify payroll amounts are correct
    2. Click Total Liability to view tax debits 
    3. If you need to make adjustments select Cancel
    4. Click Submit Payroll when you are ready to submit
  6. Hooray, you ran payroll!
    1. Click Print Checks if you have employees paid by check
    2. Click Payroll Journal or Cash Requirements for quick access to reports for this payroll