Setting Up CalSavers?

Symply makes it easy to add with step by step instructions.

  1. Log into Symply
  2. On the Left click on Benefits
  3. Click on Retirements
  4. Click on Roth 401K
    1. Page 1 
      1. Provider as CalSavers
      2. No Vendor
      3. Display Name as CalSavers
      4. Is this a new or existing plan? New
      5. Enter the date your company Plan went into Effect
      6. Do you allow special 'catch-up' limit for 50 years & older? Yes
      7. Do you offer an employer match? No
      8. Continue
    2. Page 2
      1. Select All Employees that are Participating 
      2. Continue
    3. Page 3
      1. Enter Deduction Amount Type: (Amount or Percent)
      2. Enter how Much the employee will be Deducted Per Pay Period
      3. Save

**If contribution amount changes in the future you as the employer it is your responsibility to make that change in Symply.**