Add Custom Earnings

Custom earnings are added to your Additional Earnings options when you run payroll.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Add Custom Earning
    1. Give your custom earning a name— this name will appear on payroll reports and employee pay stubs.
    2. Is this earning untaxed? 
      1. Select Yes if the custom earning is not subject to taxes— untaxed custom earnings are typically reimbursements.
      2. Select No if the custom earning is a taxable wage
    3. Is this earning calculated by Hours or by flat Amount?
      1. Select Hours if you will want the earning to be calculated by hours.
        1. Ratio- is the multiplication of the pay rate.
          Example: Pay Rate is $15.00 works 1hr and ratio is 1 will equal $15.00. If ratio is 1.5 and works 1hr it will pay at $22.50.
      2. Select Amount if a dollar amount is to be paid. 
    4. Click Save
  3. Your custom earning will now be available under Additional Earnings when you run payroll.