Account Setup Overview

Setting up your account with Symply is fast and easy. The steps below are all you need to get your company up and running.

How to Setup Company Account

Click on the link above to watch a video on how to setup your company account.

  1. Add company details
    1. Company legal name— official name registered with the IRS
    2. Doing business as (DBA)— if your company goes by a different name
    3. Company type— LLC, Partnership, etc. 
    4. Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN)
  2. Add company locations
    1. Mailing and filing address— location you have on file with the IRS (existing companies can find this on Form 941)
    2. Other company locations— locations your employees work at or you conduct business
  3. Add your employees
    1. Self-onboarding— enter your employee’s name, email address, and compensation details to allow for self-onboarding OR;
    2. Enter your employee’s personal, compensation, and tax details manually
  4. Enter state tax information
    1. EDD number— if you do not have an EDD number follow these instructions.
    2. SUI rate
    3. ETT rate
      1. Payroll tax rates like Employment Training Tax (ETT) and State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) can be found through the EDD website
  5. Add a company bank account
    1. Banking institution
    2. Routing number
    3. Account number
      1. Routing and account numbers can be found at the bottom of a check or through your online banking account.
  6. Select a pay schedule
    1. Pay frequency—  biweekly, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly
    2. First payday with Symply— the day your employees will receive their first paycheck through Symply
    3. First pay period with Symply— the period of time they will be paid for
  7. Sign IRS Reporting Agent Authorization form
    1. If you are authorized to sign company forms enter your information and continue to sign OR;
    2. Assign the role to a principal of the company